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Costas Kyriakides

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 Amanda Trigg is an up and coming photographer who is steadily establishing herself in the art of photography within the Mediterannean island of Cyprus.  Amanda who originally studied graphic design and advertising whilst at university,  quickly discovered her love and passion for photography and made it her sole ambition in life to work and succeed in this field.  Amanda moved to Cyprus in March 2008 and instantly found herself working as a photographer for a world renowned photographer in the small village of Paralimni.  Although all subjects of photography are part of Amanda's knowledge, her passion lies within three major forms of photography.  First being wedding photography of which Amanda undertakes on a daily basis, secondly is portraiture photography which Amanda takes a stern interest in and finally is boudoir photography of which Amanda is establishing herself on an extremely large scale within Cyprus. 


Amanda Trigg is currently portraying her photography within a number of island wide and European photography competitions of which she is accomplishing a number of top results.  Due to one of these competitions Amanda has been chosen to represent herself in a large exhibition which is taking place in the Melina Mercouri Hall in Cyprus' capital Nicosia.  Amanda's work will be on display there and is a fantastic opportunity for her reputation to expand and for her to perfect her strengths within photography.  Amanda Trigg is currently working towards her European qualifications in photography of which will help boost her reputation within the photography community.

Awards & Qualifications

  • Fine Art Nude - Photographer of the Year 2010 - photoCyprus
  • BA(hons) - Graphic Design and Advertising 

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